Hand painting by Guido Daniele

Hosting For Animals

This hosting initiative is to provide support for animal advocates and others who want to start a website. I can handle initial technical issues and help you set up a website. The idea is to make it easy to get you started.

The hosting available is standard cost-effective shared hosting. You get a control panel, an open source website and the freedom to create the site you want. It is ideally suited to people running blogs, information sites, or nonprofits who want something easy to handle and control.

Most setup and technical issues can be taken care of for you, then you take over. Preferred free software to use is Joomla or Wordpress.You run your site, but if you have problems, email me and I can usually sort them out or point you in the right direction.To get in contact, just use the Contact page or send an email to the following address: admin@pawclawhandfinwing